Compliance Consulting Services

Compliance Consulting Services

Our compliance consulting services will guide you through your toughest obstacles.

We provide an integrated framework that revolutionizes compliance processes. We speed reaction time with coordinated, multi-channel communications, intent-driven work processes, compliance reporting, real-time performance monitoring, and analytics to minimize risk.

As information security professionals, we understand the privacy and security rules defined by HIPAA and breach reporting requirements.

Attributes that set us aside from the rest:

Data Security Capabilities – We have a robust cyber security team with extensive experience performing vulnerability assessments, web application security testing, network hardening and source code analysis.

Thorough Risk Analysis – The risk analysis, a required component of HIPAA compliance, is key to understanding your full privacy risk vulnerabilities. We have experience assessing against all major frameworks.

Focus on Long-term Value – We strive to deliver tailored solutions that provide continuous value throughout your organization. Our advisory support enables our clients to maintain sustainable HIPAA programs, reduce future costs and boost the efficiency of key processes.