Fulfillment Services

Fulfillment Services

In today’s world of data-on-demand, it is becoming more evident to healthcare payers that consumer expectations drive payer operations. To deliver responsive, transparent customer service, the most successful organizations are taking the progressive step toward providing, monitoring, and ensuring that consumer engagement takes place consistently over the course of the customer journey.

By increasing the value for customers, payers raise member retention and proactively control outreach and account management. Beacon Health Solutions’ fulfillment services can lessen the burden on your team by providing member communications and mailroom services.

Our system has automated letter generation capabilities that can be configured to match your defined requirements. Letters can be printed on demand and/or routed to a designated print vendor for fulfillment. Triggers are in place for all CMS required pre-and post-member enrollment related letters along with ID Card triggers, EOB and EOP generation. Your letters can be templated with your logo, plan names and various other options. System settings allow for security controls such as user roles configuration and vendor access. In addition, your team will be able to search letter history, generate letters on demand or in batches, specify site locations and have completion notifications automatically sent to the claims system.

Our Mailroom Team and Services:

  • Offer custom P.O. boxes for each client
  • Process and scan: invoices, checks, healthcare forms and attachments
  • Perform quality checks of each image
  • Operate Five Touch OPEX Digital Scanners:
    1. Opens, extracts, identifies images & outputs mail
    2. Reduces processing time
    3. Creates digital imprints
    4. Digitally imprints document control number on images and hard copies
    5. Establishes an audit trail in batches of 100
  • Release batches in real-time to client secure server or our data capture center as specified by client
  • Provide enhanced printing capabilities by using BIZHub Pro951:
    1. Prints provider letters, repricing sheets, refund letters, and miscellaneous documents
    2. Provides manual feed options of stapled/un-stapled sets, up to 5 sheets
    3. Manually feeds each set before folding and inserting into envelopes
    4. Five-fold options available “C” fold, “Z” fold, Single-fold, Double-fold, or No-fold
    5. Letters are sealed and postage is applied
    6. A designated USPS courier collects mail daily
    7. Electronic Mailroom Services